My Motivation

Between the ages of one and ten, children have a tremendous capacity to absorb information.  This includes the learning of language.  As they experience their world, they learn how to express verbally what their senses show them.  Research has indicated that each additional year of foreign language exposure enhances children’s language skills, thinking and reasoning skills, self-esteem, creativity and cultural understanding.  In addition, during their preschool years, children’s enthusiasm and willingness to delve into the language experience can foster a life-long positive attitude and tolerance toward different languages and cultures.  When children learn a foreign language before puberty, it greatly enhances the likelihood that they will reach a native-like competence of the language.  They have the ability to learn to speak it without an accent.

My Teaching Style

When children are able to make connections between something they have already experienced and something new, learning takes place.  Because the classes I offer are small, ranging from 2 to 6 children, I am able to customize the curriculum to accommodate differences in age, German ability, and interests.  In order to make activities meaningful and to allow for different learning styles, age-appropriate and theme-based activities are presented in a number of ways.  Children engage their whole bodies through listening, speaking, singing, drawing, writing, jumping, dancing, eating, doing crafts and much more. 


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About Me

Personal Information

My name is Sanne Krummel.

I was born in Austria and, with my family, moved to the Chicago area when I was 12 years old.  My husband and I have raised our three children bilingually (German/English).  Eleven years ago, we spent a year in Germany working, studying, traveling and seeing relatives.  Periodically we go back to visit.  To foster new connections with the German language and culture, we keep in touch with German friends and family and have hosted 5 German exchange students.

My Qualifications

  1. MA in Early Childhood Education with emphasis on second language acquisition.

  2. MS in Speech/Language Pathology

  3. Co-founder of the Ann Arbor German School

  4. Teacher of English to 4th graders and preschoolers in Germany.

My Family

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