(Story Time)

Spaßgeschichten (Story Time) will be presented via Zoom and last between 15 and 30 minutes.  Although geared toward children age 7 and younger, any child or adult is welcome to tune in.

It will consist of 3 parts.  

1)  A few minutes of interaction between myself and the children followed by a brief introduction to the story.  

2)  The reading of a book or telling of a felt story.  This section will be recorded and available for later viewing.

3)  A few minutes of interaction between myself and the children regarding the story. 

Session 1: Children 4 and younger

Tuesdays, January 5th through March 16th

No class February 2nd.

10:30 AM 

Session 2: Children 7 and younger

Thursday, January 7th through March 18th

No class February 4th.

5:30 PM (NOTE: This is a new time.)

If you would like to have your children actively participate in Spaßgeschichten, please fill out the registration form.  I will provide you with the appropriate Zoom link.

If you missed the live Spaßgeschichten or would like to watch the story again (without the interaction sections), you can find the most recent video here.  

Click here for archived videos of Spaßgeschichten